New stories section is gone

Last time I checked, you could look at new user stories by going to the stories we heart section. Now they’ve disappeared, and it was the only thing I liked about the app. I tried restarting my phone, but it’s still not there. When will this be fixed?

It’s showing up fine on my phone. Do you have your app updated?

Yeah this is what it looks like in the play store and the app for me rn

Hmm. No idea then. I’m using IOS. You?

I’m on android and my phone is a galaxy a6, this is weird as helll

It might be a bug/glitch with android then. :thinking: Id send a support ticket in.


@Lizard help ticket if you need it :smiley:

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Yeah man I just submitted one, hope they reply soon

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So they replied to my ticket and basically, they don’t know whats going on

You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me