New stories to read



Are there any good stories to read? That don’t need gems etc to make choices? I want to find some new ones to add to my favourites :blush:


Cafe paradox is a good one, dramatic and all about time travel.
But it does mess you up a bit, its pretty hard to understand though, but i high recommend you read it because it is a great story.


“Love Me Black & Blue” by Effy Ameer is a good story! You should check it out!:upside_down_face:


What kind of stories are you into? There are a lot of great user stories, but not all stories are for everyone.


I’ve already read that one, but thank you for the suggestion! I totally agree, it was a bit confusing but I did really enjoy the story :smile:


That’s great thank you, I’ll add it to my favourites right now :smile:


I will read any genre, I like anything if i’m honest! :smile:


Speak by @J.Miley :wilted_flower:
His Heart by @JayJay :broken_heart:


A Twist Of Faith by @lexilu is pretty lit but I may be a bit bias… :slight_smile:


Thank you, I’ll add them just now😊


Haha😂 I’ll add it though, and I’ll give it a read😊 I love reading loads of different types of stories and a wide range of people’s takes on different things are so interesting! Thanks for the suggestion too.


Some stories I’m currently reading now that I really love:
-Envy by @cindyg
-Pain into Blessings and The Definition of Happiness by @ChipotleQueen
-Mr. or Mrs. Right by M. Black
-BroZoned by @mettepeleikis
-Instant Princess by LB
-Also my own story, Diary of a Middle School Teacher
There are quite a few others on my Episode profile (Marianna Escalante) that are definitely worth checking out.


Thanks so much! I will add them all😁


thank you so much!!


Exposed by @kose.episode
Lost Kingdom by @episode.mavis
Being Perfect by @arrows.episode.


I really liked-

  1. Rebounding with bad by Talia Rose

  2. The Bunny Boiler by Jasmin Dee

  3. The New Girl by Saige Mercer

  4. Make You Mine by Eleanor G

  5. My Skater Lover by Effy Ameer

Check them out if you want!! :grin:


I’m glad you’re enjoying my story! :blush::heart:


Awesome thanks! :slight_smile:


My story is published one week ago ! it’s comedy ! if you want check it out! it’s called SINGLE & ready to mingle!


hi guys… I have published my story. the first episode is quite common but i assure you that it is not a common girl drama. i hope you will find time to read my story. :slight_smile: thanks!
Story: Unexpected You
Genre: Romance/Action/Fantasy
Author: Haneen
Teaser: A girl who thought her junior year would be normal as she expected to be. It turns out there are a lot of unexpected events happening in her life. Will she survive? Who is her man?