New story: a little more me + things im tired of

Okay so there’s a new story and there are some thing that I don’t like or I don’t agree with. Let’s get this over with.

  1. Wow! Surprise! The love interest is a white boy with darker skin than the MC, why am I not surprised?? because it’s almost always like this

  1. Where the full lips at?

  1. A white queen bee and her token black friend! Wow, this is familiar. Don’t you think?

  1. Another token black friend! Disappointed but not surprised. Oh and she reminds me of Camille from My First Everything. Guys I’m literally trying my hardest not to laugh

That’s it for now, oh wait hold up!

So I’ve seen they keep releasing “new” stories with new hairstyles and they’ve been teasing us with them so we wait til they release em. Oh and another thing! All of them are straight/wavy. What happened to the diversity standards, @ForumAdmin, @Liz??? It’s been almost two years and we still don’t have protective hairstyles. What’s up with that huh? Is this some kind of joke or are y’all just being hypocrites? Cause that’s what it looks like. Or maybe you’re just fooling around. And barista clothes? For real? We been begging for more important stuff.
Oh and one last thing, y’all need more black main characters when it comes to episode stories, not the token black friend or the token black gay best friend.

Stay on topic.

I’ll probably come back later to rant more or if I find things that I don’t like about that new story then I guess I’ll edit this post! Bye y’all! Happy holidays


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