NEW STORY " Across a Lifetime to Love You

Episode 7,8 is ready for read…

Hello .
Some of the stories come from my real life.
My country has no democracy and true freedom. I’m looking for true love and freedom of life forever.
I found this area. “Episode interactive” I can freely tell stories that I feel. I love it.
I want you to read it.

I believe that this is true love.
The reincarnation of life, and that I was born for one only.

NOW episode 6!!!

**** Bella [ new life] and ELIZABETH is Old life. Arthur [Old life] and MARK is new life. Born many time the body can Changing but heart not change. It called reincarnation. ****



hey there! I would gladly read your stories and give review! I would really appreciate if you read mine as well, it was posted in my old profie, but i had to make new one so im starting from beggining again. I ttake all kind of critics. :slight_smile:

Title: Sweet 16
Genre: Romance
Description: Maya has a few days left until turning 16,will you have the best year, or does fate have other plans…
Style: INK
Author: ChristineHZ

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Ok I will read for you tomorrow.

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: