New Story Alert! - Marriage with Mr.Billionaire

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My new story Marriage with Mr.Billionaire has been published successfully in episode app.
Chapters 1,2&3 are on live!
I hope y’all read and enjoy my story :heart: .
Link for story : Episode Writer Portal
Gems and shares are appreciated :see_no_evil:
Hope y’all show my story some love and support :white_heart: .

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Congrats on publishing! :blob_hearts:

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Thank you! :two_hearts:

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sure! thanks for the headsup

Would you like to do an r4r with me?

Hey guys!!
I’ve published a new story of mine in episode community.
I want to promote my story to get some reads and gems.
So I want to start a read 4 read and gems 4 gems!!
I’m attaching my story details here.
Interested people can comment yours and follow and message to my Instagram handle!

This is my new story name Marriage with MR.BILLIONAIRE by me @Ray_heart on Episode :slight_smile:
Instagram : ._ranjana_works.
Description :
An One-night stand’s consequences led you to a Marriage with the hottest young Billionaire. One of them wanted one life but the other wanted different! Drama awaits!!
Style : Limelight
Genres : Drama, Romance
Chapters : 3 (Ongoing)
CC : Limited available from Chapter 1
Gems: Gems can be applied to your satisfactory amount

Happy reading!

Cover & title

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: MARRIAGE WITH MR. BILLIONAIRE

Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!

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Hey! I’m interested in doing R4R with you! Please let me know if you’re interested :hugs:
My Story Details:
Title: MIdnight Bestie
Author: Apsara
Genre: Horror/Comedy
Description: Chantelle got into her dream college, But there’s a haunted building near! They say don’t go anywhere near to that! But is she going to do so?! (Customization Available)
Episodes: 4 (Ongoing)
Instagram: @apsarawrites654
Story Link: Episode Writer Portal


Thank you! :purple_heart:

I’m intersted.
Can you text me your details to my instagram?
I’ll reply there

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