New Story Announcement (A Dozen + One)

I would love to hear your guys thoughts and opinions about my brand new story that I’m currently working on! So the details are listed below.

Story Title: A Dozen + One
Main Character: Derek Roberts (Male)
Love Interest: Only One (Tracey Donovan)
CC: Yes (Fully Customizable)
Gems: Yes (Support The Author, Bonus Scenes, etc…)
Point System: N/A
Style: Limelight (An Ink version will be available as well)
Cover(s): In the making

Description: Trying to take care of eleven people plus himself in one house is an easy job… right? But what will happen when Derek Roberts gets his girlfriend to move in with him to make it thirteen? | CC |

More Information: So basically my new story “A Dozen + One” is all about how crazy Derek Roberts (MC) life is with himself and his eleven younger siblings and how it is affecting his life as the oldest out of all of them.

It will be a comedy/drama/romance story (You will find it through the drama section on Episode).

Plot: After Derek’s parents get divorced, he is practically forced to give up his whole future and quit college so that he can look after his younger siblings.

For two weeks, he has been struggling with his family dilemma, but has found comfort within his girlfriend Tracey Donovan who has no knowledge of what is going on with her boyfriend.

But afterwards, things then become complicated with Tracey when a surprising discovery is made that will change everything for both Derek and Tracey.

This discovery forces Tracey to move in with Derek, unaware that he is in a tough situation with his family and is the guardian of eleven siblings, forcing Tracey to have to adapt with the fact that he has to deal with his siblings, parents, college, and work. While trying to figure out what will happen between himself and his girlfriend and how their crisis is going to be a huge game changer for them.

I want to hear your guys thoughts and opinions! Would this be a story you would be interested in reading? What would you like to see? Any suggestions? I would love to hear your guys input about this story!


It’s new for me! It’s kind of new, personally, I haven’t read these kinds of stories cuz I rarely find them!
Yeah, I would read it! I like the plot as well! When the story is published, please tell me! I will read it!

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