New story BLOODKISSED CROWN (medieval romance fantasy)

Hiiii! I published my story today with the first 3 chapters and it’s new so not a lot of reads but I’ve put a lot of time and effort into it, directing, storyline, characters and development. It would be great it y’all could read it!! Personally, I think the directing is pretty good and a lot of the backgrounds used were created by me. If you like medieval fantasy romance stories, check it out :slight_smile:

Title: Bloodkissed Crown
Author: Justine Solano (ig: episode.justine) aka me
Style: Limelight (CC for MC and 2 LI’s)
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Action
Summary: In a world with vampires, hunters and dark magic, Princess Freda’s world turns into chaos as her true identity slowly unravels and she finds her destiny in her blood. CC.Medieval fantasy romance.


I will check out your story and I hope you could read mine as well :blush:

Title: All The Lights
Author: annawepisode
Description: When I met Ethan Wood I fell in love with him. But can our love and happiness take all the pressure we have because of his career and even my past?
Chapters: 11 (more coming soon)
Style: Limelight
Genre: Romance
Important Info: I am also doing R4R, if you are interested please fill out the form in my IG bio!
Instagram: @annawepisode

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Sure! As long as this is legit cause some people just say they will and never do and only do it for reads lol

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Oh yes that’s true, I got ghosted a lot already - that’s why I have a request form in my IG bio for r4r :smile:
I will send you screenshots when I am done.

ill check it out :wink:

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Haha thats clever! Me too :slight_smile: btw my first 3 chapters are quite long so I’ll read 5/6 chapters of yours in return haha

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thank you!!! <3 if you have a story you want me to check out, just hit me up :slight_smile:

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Oh thank you a lot :blush:
And don’t worry I really enjoy it cause I have never read something similar!
I’m at chapter 2 right now

Thank you!!! I’m starting yours now :slight_smile:

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I’m ready now and I really enjoyed it! Keep up with the great work :blush:

Thank you!! I’m on chapter 3 of yours where Rose and her friends has just told MC that she’s going to LA for a concert !! I’m gonna read till chapter 5 :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!!

I’m kinda crushing on Dalton already, he looks HAWTTT in that outfit and glasses dropping me off at the airport hahahahaa

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Hahahaha :smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Just finished reading haha I enjoyed it! Hope the story develops really well!! <3


Hello lovely! I will check it out, would you be up for a R4R? I have never ghosted anyone and the authors below never ghosted me when I read there’s so I will recommend them to you

Here`s the authors and stories I would recommend and promote
(They may also want to do a R4R with you)

@MerryMirrors remembering me

@samantha_episode_1 A heartbreak century

@AliceC.Episode4 The heir and his female bodyguard

@Eclipsa Green Sea shell

And here’s mine:

Title : Mum Know`s Best

Description : Brainwashed teenager nicola has suffered from years of abuse at the hands of her mother will she be able to find a way out? Contains violence, self harm + CC choices matter tappable choices

Chapters :28 [ FULLY COMPLETED ]

Style : Ink

Genre : Drama

Important info :

If you would check out my story it would be great appreciated! I have worked on it for over a year now! Hopefully your love it as much As I do :slight_smile:

There is a lot of triggers in my story, Its a dramatic, Romantic, slight bit of thriller in and a slight bit of horror in as well

One reader quoted the following after reading all chapters “Its a classical version of flowers in the attic” And another: "I don`t have much to say about your story besides is absolutely Beautiful"

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Mum knows best [COMPLETE]

Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!

Advert to my story

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Jesus christ that’s a long list haha I will do R4R if the authors message me individually as the list looks a bit long and complicated so I’ll just R4R with anyone when they message me individually so it’s easier! But I’ll R4R your Mum Knows Best first 4 chapters seeing as you messaged me personally (Mine’s 3 but they’re long so I’ll read an extra chapter of yours) :grin:

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Hello Lovely! Sorry its long! Its Just I need to make sure its all in there, i Know its long :joy:, thank you lovely! x

Hey, I’ve read Mum knows best and taken screenshots till chapter 4! I’ll message you with them once you;ve done the same :grin:

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Ok thank you! I dont want to give you promises I cannot keep, I hopefully will read 2 chapters today and send you the SS and then the others tomorrow, I dont want to say Im gonna do all of them because Unfortantely I dont think Im gonna be able to reach that
I will send you the SS with some fruity comments :wink: