New story BLOODKISSED CROWN (medieval romance fantasy)

I thought the purpose of why you messaged me R4R was to read each other’s stories without ghosting? Lol

Im not going to ghost you, However I dont want to tell you Im going to complete all 3 chapters today. I will hopefully complete 2 today and the rest on tuesday, Ghosting is when you do none at all and dont reply back to the messages. I will do them However I only have a limited amount of time to do them.
I messaged to do this with you because I still want to but I cannot do them all in one day. I will try and get them all done in one day, but I dont want to say I will and then I don`t Thats why Im being honest with you. :heart:

No you just said you can’t make promises so it sounded like you weren’t gonna do them, you don’t have to do all of them but at least 2 chapters will be good as I read 4 of yours, I know mine is long so 2 chapters will be decent. Just screenshot the “thank you for reading” sign at the end of chapter 2 and that’s all, don’t need to do anymore lol thankss :heart: Btw i enjoyed reading yours, it was quite sad and scary (especially that dream with the girl with the black hair lol) but it was insightful and I really felt for Nicola :frowning:

Ah ha! I think there’s been some mis connection somewhere! Sorry about that! I will read 2 hopefully by today I will not forget when I said I dont want to give timeframes I cannot stick to I didn’t want to say Yea I’m gonna read all chapters today, because I dont think it’s possible. But I will NOT ghost you. Promise.
I will give you some fruity fedback (don’t worry you’ll love it)
I’m glad you enjoyed mine! Yea i know mine is pretty full on :grimacing:
Thank you lovely :heart:

Nah it’s alright, shit happens lol I’m just saying like you seem busy so you don’t have to read all 3! Just read 2 whenever you’re free so you don’t need to read the third chapter if you don’t have time! Obviously if you want to then you can haha

Looooool xD can’t wait for the juicy feedback :rofl: I found some errors in my chapters, not too many but a few but it will be improved once episode approve my backgrounds and overlays and I’m able to update chapter 4 :slight_smile: yeah it was sad and the art was good but quite upsetting especially with the bruises on Nicola’s arms :frowning: but its great, keep it up!!

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Thanks lovely!
I will try and get them all done but its not looking hopeful, So it may only be 2 today I hope that ok? x
I will provide you some fruity fedback you`ll love it :wink:

Np :wink: :100:

I would like to do a R4R!
Title: Just Another Day
Author: Annswrites
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 3(more coming!)
CC: Yes
Style: Limelight
Description: A girl rebelling against her parents goes off to New York City to pursue her dreams unaware of the things she is going to encounter.
Thank You!

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Heeey, I’d love to do R4R, i’m making changes to my published chapters but can’t update properly until my overlays have been approved so sorry for the coding errors in it! There’s a few but not a lot :slight_smile: i’ll read yours today if you can read mine :slight_smile:

Can we do tomorrow?

Sure, just message me when you’re ready :slight_smile:

I don’t have a story but I can give feedback.

Hey, sure! There’s a few coding errors in the first three chapters but I’ve rectified them but can’t update it officially yet as I still have overlays that haven’t been approved but other than that, I’d be glad to have some feedback as I want my story to be the best it can be :slight_smile:

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I’m open to doing a r4r if you like.

This is my info
Name: Hearts desire

Author: misslibra3582

Genre: romance

CC: yes

Chapters: 3 (more to come.)

Description:Follow your hearts desire sound easy. But when Cassie and Jackson

find themselves attracted to each other and danger rears its head will they still be able to follow their hearts

Story link: