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Hi, Just wanted to suggest that Episode should make a story with the celebrity Boy Band BTS. Episode should create a story like the Demi Lovato version but with BTS. Millions of fans would definitely download the app just to read the story. Just like any other Celebrity Story they can make a story with BTS as the main characters.

they would need to get bts/their managers permission b4 making a story about them



I feel like a band story would be too confusing because there is more than one of them and I know a lot of people love K-Pop. Personally I don’t like it or even BTS Sorry my Bts loving friends But good idea I feel like having maybe a few of the guys from the group in the story be maybe a good idea or even episode asks a popular singer like Shawn Mendes or actor like Dove Cameron if they would like to make a story.


I don’t like K-Pop either, too. DON’T TAKE THIS PERSONALLY.

I fully agree with your point, a singer like Rihanna might be better for the place. Or even a influencer or comedian, like Ellen or Oprah.

I just feel like, if they did BTS, (according to what Episode usually does with boy star leads) the main character would have to fall in love with one of them.

                                And there are many boys in that group. 

Plus, all the times they’re songs would play, it would be in Korean. Meaning, to edit it would take much work for the team.


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this might offend people

The thing is Episode will have to have a lot of contracts about money, fees etc. Also BTS is korean so BTS themselves will probably have to change their songs to english or something since all of their songs are korean and they would have to translate it. Also I dont personally like BTS and because of what Episode does youd probably fall on love with one of the band members.

I honestly think a pop artist like Beyonce, Rihanna or something or even Kim Kardashian is a better option.

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I completely agree.

Who? :smirk::joy:

Sorry, didn’t want to offend anyone. I just wanted to make a story suggestion.

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Its totally ok I thought that you were thinking of some more ideas of celebs/singers episode needs to collab with which it good <3 Zoe

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You didn’t! Your idea is good, maybe they could do a monthly series where different celebs meet you, but each month, the celebrity would change.

But BTS having a whole season…

Would take on opinions and much more work.


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