New Story "Branded By Death" OUT NOW

Hello! I just released my first story a few days ago and it would really mean a lot to me if you could read it and share your opinion on it! Since this is my first, I’m very nervous about it but I really hope you like it! Thank you!

:rotating_light:STORY TITLE: Branded By Death:rotating_light:

:round_pushpin:WRITTEN & DIRECTED by @episode.zizu & @epyy.rin on Instagram

:round_pushpin:STORY DESCRIPTION: “High school is usually not a fun experience; but when a roaming serial killer is targeting girls from your school, will you and your friends be able to make it out alive?”

:round_pushpin:GENRE: Mystery, Drama, Romance

:round_pushpin:LOVE INTEREST: One (Male)

:round_pushpin:FULL CC for MC, LI and their family

:round_pushpin:Choices Matter

:round_pushpin:Point System

:round_pushpin:Advanced directing

:round_pushpin:Usage of various filters and overlays

:round_pushpin:Here’s the cover:

:round_pushpin: Here’s the link:


EEEEEKKKKKKK adding this to my list of things that i need to read ! NFSJKFLKFJ one sec imma make a thread of people dropping there stories for me to read so i can rate them … i’ll be back


I’m so happy that this interests you! thank you so much!!!

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Amazing story, 10/10 would recommend :two_hearts:

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Thank you so much Sam :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

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