NEW STORY - Bring The Thunder (eps 1-10)

Hey guys!
I would really appreciate it if you guys would take the time to read my new story Bring The thunder

Unfortunately i don’t have time to do R4R at this moment but i can promote your story on my instagram if you would like ( @thunder._.crush ) in return you’ll need to give me a shout out too though.
Also if you don’t want to read my story maybe you can give me a shout out on instagram!
I’m a new writer and would really love for my story to be known…i’m working very hard on this story.
If you like strong woman and a spicy love story then this is the one for you!
If you do take the time to read my story then please take screen shots and post and tag me and i’ll repost them.
Furthermore, something unique about my story is that there is Thai …which is a language that is not really seen on episode so i wanted to bring light to Thai culture and also teach you some Thai!

  • Below is my new story cover which i made! i hope you love it <3
  • the description of my story
  • The link to my story

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