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Hello guys, this is Alex, I just writed a new story and I will really apreciate if you check it out and tell me if you liked it.
I will also love to read yours.
Title: “Come Back Home”

Author: AlexS

Episodes: 3 (more coming soon)

Genre: : Drama

Style: INK


Thank you!

My story, The Ex, is my first story on episode and I have been working very hard on it! I am extremely proud of what I have accomplished so far.

I have 10 episodes released and plan to have about 5 more, making it a 15 episode series.

**I would LOVE if you would check out my story @AlexS **

Here are the details:

The Ex
By: shanferg
Dannika moves to a new school her senior year of high school. She finds friends, love, and an inescapable enemy who torments her at every turn…Can Dannika make it through senior year, or will she be taken down by the ex?

I’ve just re-published the first 10 chapters with sound improvements and grammar corrections!

I will check your story out too! I hope you read more than just the first chapter or two, because things REALLY start heating up around chapter 5! Let me know what you think!

Hi! Check out my story:

Title: Love and hate: Freya
Author: Xayah
Genre: Romance
Style: INK
Description: Freya starts her student life in a small town called Myst. As beautiful and romantic as her life seems at first, she is facing a fierce challange. Will she succeed in overcoming it?
Episodes Released: 16, (fully released)


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Nice cover! :+1:

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Thank you! :grin::two_hearts:

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Currently improving my story thus I would greatly appreciate a review. Of course in return I’ll do the same, thanks :blush:
Name: Art of Desire
Author: Joqueena
Genre: comedy
Summary: A love for art but a stronger desire for each other. Will they be able to quench their thirst or will mishaps break them
Style: ink
Instagram: Joqueena_stories (feel free to follow me)
Questions: Is the plot interesting?
Are the directives good?
Are the characters explained properly
Is the genre more comical or romance?
Is the story understandable? Is it okay that the MC is a male rather than a female?

Art of Desire

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