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Favorite place in the world: Maui
I love to go horseback riding
I hope you guys will like my story!

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You are the richts girl in town but when someone kidnapps you, your life turns upside down.

It is adventure!

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Hey! Wanna do a read for read?

My story information is:

Title: My Glamorous Life

Author: Froggie3

Description: All you’ve ever wanted to be is a model…but are you graceful enough to become one? (Customize your own characters!)

Genre: Drama



Let me know if you’re interested! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Sure. I’ll read it this and next week.

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Thank you! I will also read yours and I’ll send you proof by writing what I think of the story in fan mail! I’ll tell you my favorite part :blush: also can you read more than just one chapter? I’ll read as many of yours as I can but the first chapter of stories doesn’t count as a read I heard

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Just added your story to my favorites! Since we both only have 5 chapters, why don’t we just read all of them?

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Sure. I will do the same.

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Hi! I finished your story, and it’s off to a great start! Some suggestions for the future: try fixing your grammar/spelling. Also, when having characters enter/walk to a scene from the right side and wanting to have them also facing right-make them walk to the spot first and then have them face right after-that way they won’t be walking backwards! :slight_smile:


if you’re up for read for read pm me her or on my instagram @/annat.stories

You, Me And The Beat by Anna