New story coming before Halloween!

Hey episode community!
I’m a new episode writer but have been using the app for a good 3-4 years. My story is going to be for Halloween. It will only have 3 episode because of ALL HALLOWS I will keep it kind of secretivefor now but i’ll try and give updates every now and then. Well I guess that is it for now!
My episode account is, AngelicIqra
~Iqra :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


cool, cant wait to read it soon!

Okay I don’t know if you viewed my first forum about this but im writing my first story on Portal and it is a little hard. Link: New story coming before Halloween!
Okay so i thought I might take you along with me so you can struggle with me lol. I’m only 12 so yah.
wHERE i’m at rn is I finished my first episode yesterday and have been working for 3 days ? Im going to start episode 2 today.

A hint: It’s for all hallows and something about friendship is in it.

Okay bye noww xx


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