New story coming out!

Heyy guyyys bubbles back at it again :heart: Lol

Ok so me and my sister @ButterflyMagic101 are working on a new story together! Here’s a lil hint

School + Scandal = Drama

I hope u guys like it!

I will make sure to update you guys (both of us) on the story!

Byeeee :heart::blush: More deets one story coming soon

—Bubbles :dolphin:


Good luck with your story :cherry_blossom:

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Aww thanks! :heart:


Cool! What’ll it be called? Or is that a secret until later?

Oopie!!! My notifs wasn’t on sorry for the late reply!

That title is a secret for rn :wink: but everyday I will definitely give frequent updates about the story

—Bubbles :dolphin:

Okay, that’s nice! Also I don’t mind the late reply,
It’s only been around 15 or more minutes.

Ok thanks just had to make sure :butterfly: