New Story :) - Corrupted Minds

Hey guys,

So after months I have finally had time to write and publish my story!

Since we’re all in qurantine, please check it out and let me know what you all think!

It’s called ‘Corrupted Minds’

Link :

Cover : By Bek

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Thank You,
Critter Writer <3

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you might get in trouble for using IMVU characters LOL

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I thought so too haha, but episode approved the covers, so i dont know :woman_shrugging:

Hi! Congrats on publishing your story :slightly_smiling_face: do you want to r4r? I can read your story after you send me a screenshot showing you read my first 3 episodes! Here’s my story’s info if you’re interested :heart:

Title Magicka: Within Her Soul
Author KylieJay
Genre Fantasy w/ action, adventure, drama
Full CC, LL style, 3 ep w/ more coming soon
“Just when she’s reached her breaking point, Lucy stumbles across a world on the brink of war and everyone expects her to save them. Can she restore peace on Charkana and within herself?”

Hello, do you want to do a r4r?

Sure, send me a DM on instagram for R4R.

insta : @episode.critterwriter

thank you

Send me a DM on instagram for R4R.

insta : @episode.critterwriter

thank you

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They approved a cover with a gun on it? Well ok then lol they went against their own guidelines :woozy_face:


Hey wanna do r4r?
Title: Eat Your Heart Out
Author name: F/N
Description: Wishing for an angel entangled your life,as what fell down upon you surely wasn’t one. Fierce Vampire or an Enigmatic Detective? What will you choose? Love, Lust or perhaps Yourself?
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 3 (Ongoing)
Link to story:
Additional notes: CC, Choices matter. LL
Instagram: @fnepisode

yeah pretty much lol

sure, can you please send my everything on my instagram.

insta: @episode.critterwriter

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