New story cover art needed!

So my story is basically about a girl that is sort of running away from her past, and she ends up in the big city and meets a guy he ends up being her boss, he’s very hard to read and has several other occupations too not just a big shot millionaire because of his company (Gang man) she’s light skinned, black waved hair, red lips, white eyes she has the feline eyes too, also she’s an introvert so she’s quite shy and nervous… and he is light skinned with the facial hair type face, black spiked hair, tattoo’s, a smirked mouth, but he’s mysterious.
My story is named ‘Mysterious Love’ too, if you could add that too, and also a background that says about sound and music being used too! Much love!!

Feel free to request something at the Magic Turtle Art Official Shop!

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I can do it for you! Fast and easy!

Just request here