New Story Cover Art

hi everyone!
so, I’m writing a romance story and I need a small cover. It’s about a girl who starts college in a world were mythical creatures and humans are united and meet the boy of her dreams but is a vampire. And yes, this may make you think of Twilight but it’s not a complete copy of the movie or the books. I have full respect for that and Episode’s community guidelines. But, the title does have the word “Twilight” in it. I will credit once I get it finished but I will leave the details below! kisses! :heart:


  • Drawn: digital (if possible, idk.)
  • What does it look like?: A pale “hot” guy with black hair and red eyes (obviously, or yellow) in natural clothing with a open sinister smile about to bite a girl’s neck open (kind of). The girl is facing forward looking at the viewer with her head tilted like she’s about to be bit on the neck (she’s a red head or black hair, I’m really bad at explaining things).
  • I will take care of the title and author myself.
    I hope this doesn’t cause any confusion! Oof!
    Like I said, I’m bad at explaining stuff.
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Epi Lair Art Shop :maple_leaf: [OPEN]

I can try to do it. But can you request there?

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