New Story Cover Design Suggestions Needed

So, I’m working on a story called “Emotionless” and I wanna try and make the cover myself, but I’m not sure what I should do for a design. Any suggestions?

What’s the story about?

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Maria (who became emotionless after her sister’s murder) trying and eventually succeeding to find her emotions again.

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Making a moodboard on Pinterest usually helps me a lot. I just gather a lot of different lighting, poses and styles I like from portrait pictures to digital art references.

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I would put the character against a fully white background (symbolizing a blank slate), staring straight ahead at the camera, no emotion, like this:



she hid her emotions and forgot abt them so she kinda ‘erased’ them so she needs to get them back meaning that she is now trying to be opposite of emotionless => with emotions
if i got it right

Have her crying out of one eye its semi emotionless sense you said shes searching for her emotions
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Like thus but without the butterflies and a tear coming down :woman_shrugging:t4:

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I will suggest something like this.

Or, this -

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