New Story Cover Help

My 3rd story Lost & Found is gonna be released soon but before I can I need a large and small cover. I tried myself shown below but I don’t think it looks right. So I would like some help. I’d greatly appreciate it if someone could make me a cover.

My Attempt:

I’d like a similar style.
The story is about an assassin who was taken from her family as a baby and raised on the street. With her 17th birthday just around the corner she gets the gift of a lifetime.
Character details:
Character 1 must be on it but it’d be ideal if both were



Credit will be given at the end of every episode and if wanted you can be a character in the story.
Thank you so much xx

I can help you

Sure lets see what u got :grinning:

ok what is a animation

And what is the cover you want

here one of the cover I made

Urm she’s a badass so u pick. Please do note tho I might not nessaserly use it but I will def put in story and credit even if I don’t.


is this back ground okay pick one



do you want a gun with it



okay sure

I need the author name


here I’m not that good If you don’t like it you can ask @Miss_Moonlight she is very good at cover making and splashes

I didn’t know where to put the gun so I put it there

Your attempt to make a cover was good