New story cover needed!

I have a story cover for my story Back Again but I’m wanting a new one, one that reflects what my story is really about! (INK)

Feel free to share any threads that could help me out or even if you, yourself does covers ect.


Hey can I see your first story cover?


I like the idea of it but the black hair male character isn’t really the main focus on the story

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Oh well I can try but I don’t know how long it will take.
Here are some of my examples:

I make covers I just could’t find them :joy:

I’m in no rush! so I don’t mind the wait

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So who all do you want in the cover? And the background for the cover. And the character details

He’s only 4, it’s their son!

I can write out the details if needed,

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Yeah thx :joy: Also any certain outfits or keep what they have on?

They’re being reunited after 3 years apart so they need to look sad. I want her doing the idle_awkward, the little boy just standing there lol but close to the girl and the other character looking idle_sad. Could you also zoom it in a little and blur the background?

Just keep the outfits they have on…
Skin tone - Tan
Brows - Mature Round
Hair - Straight (fawn)
Eyes - Upturned Luxe (blue)
Face - Soft Heart
Nose - Celestial
Mouth - Full Round (rose)

Male (little boy)
Skin Tone - Tan
Brows - Bushy Wide
Hair - Generic Short Hair (fawn)
Eyes - Deepset Piercing (blue)
Face - Defined Triangle
Nose - Button
Mouth - Classic (terracotta)

Skin Tone - Light
Brows - Straight Bold
Hair - Generic Short Hair (fawn)
Eyes - Deepset Piercing (taupe)
Face - Chiseled Square
Nose - Button
Mouth - Classic (blush)

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Ok thx it should be done this week.

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How’s my cover coming along?