New story description needed!

Hi so, I suck at summarizing. Basically the story is about a boy how bets with his principal that he’ll make a sports time of thee school win a championship this year in order to prevent the athletic programs to be cut. If he doesn’t succeed he’ll get expelled.

Problem? They live in a really small town with only one high school, the school’s population is like 10% male and no guy is interested in joining and practicing for the championship. So Nico (the MC) will convince 6 girls to join him and train for all disciplines in order to increase their chances of winning something.

I don’t know if more or less details are needed but I’ll greatly appreciate your help :pray:

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Why does Nico have to do it under the ultimatum of being expelled? Like, what did he do for the principal to expel him if he doesn’t?

After a ___ gone wrong, Nico is met with an ultimatum: take their sports team to the championships or get expelled. What happens when he has to train their meager sports team consisting of only six other girls?

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The title is White Lie. I thought of this ultimatum to create some drama when in the end SPOILER: The principal was just lying to motivate him and the team. It’s a reaccuring theme in the story because Nico will convince the girls to join him because he has “dirt” on them when really they’ll end up join forces with him more to help him achieve his goal.

But thank you so much for the help!!!