New Story! Do you want to be in it? Send your details! Red & Black REBELS!



Hey guys I am holding a character contest.
Do you want to be in my new story called
Red and Black Rebels?
(You might die during the story, but who knows?)
All you need to do is send me your character information and I will choose 4 characters

I will need 2 for Black rebels and 2 for Red Rebels!
The story is already published and you will appear in the story not earlier than in 4th or 5th episode!
I hope you guys like my story and see you soon!
Make sure to send me your:
Skin tone
Hair - Hair Colour
Eyes - Eyes Colour
Lip Shape and Lip Colour

You can also send me your character’s outfit (if you want to)


I’d love to enter!
Here are my character details:
Skin: Fair, Brow: Round Thin, Hair: Jules, Eyes : Downturned Natural (brown), Face: Oval, Nose: Elven, Lips: Blossom (Orange Crush)



Episode Details
Skin tone - Dark
Eyebrows - Thick Flat
Hair - Black Rebel Half Shaved
Eyes - Black Downturned Bold
Head - Soft Heart
Nose - Soft Natural
Lips - Bordeaux Blossom Lips


Lovely! Do you want me to put your name as Kale? Or do you want another?
Also do you want to add an outfit or do you want me to make it for you?


Yes, put the name Kale. :hugs:
I’ll send outfit in a bit.




Say You Already Have A Character Name Madison You Can Add A “W” At The End


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Good idea :wink:


heh it’s fine :wink: but you will appear later on then…