New Story ☀️ Endless Summer

Title: Endless Summer

Genre: Drama/Romance, with a bit of comedic relief.

Description: Some summer flings are more than what they seem. They may end up lasting a lifetime. Lila King is about to learn that sometimes, one summer can be endless.

Link: Episode Writer Portal


Story: Bumpy Ride With You

Author: Scarlett

Genre: Romance, Thriller, Drama, Comedy

Style: Ink

Description: Rose Silvers, your typical high school girl living a typical high school life. But what will happen when she meets Aaron Ross, a member of Colorado’s most feared gang.

Episodes: 8 and more to come

Link: Episode Writer Portal

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Hey, I just published a new story and I would you for you all to read it.
TITLE: Dive Into You
Episodes: 3(ongoing)
Author: Rahdia
Genre: Drama, Romance
STORY: Xena was once a promising swimmer but after losing her mother, she never hit the waters. Zayn was on his way to becoming champ after an accident that took away his eyesight; his felt he lost everything. After meeting her idol; she starts to gain her confidence again as well as his love.

Looks cool! I love the cover :3