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This is my first time publishing a story and I just published the story and it’s called Cruel Temptation. I was wondering if anyone was interested in reading it :blush: I would truly appreciate some feedback. Thank you.


It will be best to post your story cover, description or link. Thanks!


Hi everyone.

I have published 1 interesting romantic story and 1 romantic ancient chinese romance. I swear you don’t wanna miss it for the world.

Title: Lady with Success
Description: Ivy Acosta meets her soulmate but unfortunately her twin falls in love with him before she could make a move. What happens when Ivy is being disowned for a crime she didn’t commit?

(Full LL/LI/Art Scenes/Mini-Dress Games and BONUS SCENES)

Author: Empress
Genre: Romance and Drama
Style: Limelight

Title: One night with the KING
(1870) An Ancient Chinese Romance.
A maid fall in love with the dangerous king and a rigid tradition of “Anyone that sees the king DIES”.
What is the fate of both your life and feeling?


Author: Empress
Genre: Romance and Drama
Style: Limelight

Please let me know how you feel and your suggestion
Thank you so much!

Instagram: @empress.epi.writes


Hey lovelies,I’m Dawn .
I would like if you could read my first story on episode.
The title is PURGED by dawncrystal.
Category: Romance

when tragedy hit us hard some seek revenge, others walk into Danger. What happens when your life collides with Hometown Badboy?

please read it and tell me what you think in my fanmail…
Love you …


If you don’t have a cover yet I’d be happy to make u one? I do covers for free?

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Thank you so much :relaxed:

I’ll pm u

This is my first story I publish. I was wondering if I could get feedback :blush:

Description: Valentina is the daughter of a ruthless mafia boss.
Unlike her father, she wants to save lives.
Can leading a double life allow her to find love or will love destroy her?

My story is called Cruel Temptation


Hi everyone.
Here’s the link to my episode story:

Btw I finally published my new episode story called: Miss Genie Abrams, which is amazing, and I’m still learning more so if you can please give it: READ!!!

Title: Miss Genie Abrams!
Description: Genie Abrams who hates Jocks Meets one at her new school! but what happens when she finds out that he is the number 1 school hottie??!! Is she playing w/ fire or not? {CC/LL}

(Full LL/LI/Art Scenes/Mini-Dress Games and BONUS SCENES)

Author: Sal
Genre: Romance and Drama
Style: Limelight!


I’ll give it a read sweetheart

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Who did you cover ITS AMAZING

Really??! oh thank you so much! :pleading_face: :heartpulse:

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