New story! Feedback and comments needed!


Hi guys, so now I need feedback on my new story! All the info needed is below:

Name: Write my life
Written by: KACY
On: the episode mobile app
Fan mail? on/of: On
Description: read a couple of episodes of what happens in life! Make decisions, which will benefit your future in the story! ( For the first episode, you will play as a girl, for the second, as a boy and for the third, you pick!
A bit more info: feel free to fan mail me comments and feedback!



I think you’re suppose to post a link.


No, because everyone can go on the Episode mobile app and then search for it and then read it and give me comments and feedback on my story in the feedback section!


Hey! My name is Dani! :black_heart:

If you want, I can review your story and post the review on my Instagram (daniepisodewriter).

The review will be focus on:

Language/Grammar (I can’t say much about grammar and language because English is not my first language, but if I spot any mistakes I’ll tell you.)
Overall opinion

:warning: The review will be as many episodes as you have read of my story. :warning:
Per example: If you read 3 episodes of my story, I’ll review the first 3 episodes of your story.
Maximum: 4 episodes

Here’s my story:
Title: Darkness
Author: Dani
Genre: Romance/Mystery
Style: Ink
Description: If you can’t get away from darkness, you learn to live with it… A vampire story with action, adventure, mystery and, of course, romance!
This is not a cliche vampire story!
Episodes: 6 (more to come)
Instagram: daniepisodewriter
I hope you like it :black_heart:

Any other person who wants a review can send me their story too! :blush::black_heart:

Tell me if you want me to do the review! :calling:


HI Kacy, would you be interested in doing a read for read? I can provide a screenshot proving that I’ve read at least 3 chapters of your story :slight_smile:




The description sounds really cool, I’m exited.
Gonna read it right now!!! I’ll be back with the feedback once I finish reading the story, okay?


Thanks, please send the feedback to the fan mail section!


If you want a review, check out my thread here. :slight_smile: