New Story! Feedback wanted!

Hey! I’m Hannah, author of “Hands Off” and I just published the first three episodes of my story. So far its not looking good, and I used the app to make my story before realizing that I could do it on my computer so from now on I’ll be using my computer! If anyone would be willing to read my story though and just tell me what you think. I’m fixing to start on chapter 5,6, and 7 so I want to make sure that my story is going to do well on here otherwise I won’t continue writing!

Thank You!


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I’ll read it
I’ll fred back u in a min then

Okay I can tell u made it by phone lol
But that’s OK
U can do it with ur computer too though
To add a little more detail to it
It has a good plot but ur missing a few details here and there and info like a past and such
If u need any help contact me if u like on instagram autumn34810
If u need any help
Ithat was difficult learning on computer but it gets better just contact me if ya need me I’ll respond lol
Anyways good story plot

Okay, thank you so much for reading it and giving me feedback! The past/flashbacks will be coming in the next three episodes, I couldn’t put them in yet because it would give the story away. I want to add a lot more detail but yes I am struggling with the computer parts. I keep trying to read the tutorial and write at the same time. I’d like to get it right for the next three episodes so that it looks polished and it will add a lot more to the story. Thank you so much!

Your welcome
I’m on instagram if u need help and everyone here is family so we r here for u lol
The computer is a little confusing so nothing wrong with asking questions I’m also having a little hard time with my stories time to time lol

Okay, I definitely will! I’m glad that I’m not the only one who is struggling.

Youre not lol

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don’t worry I’m struggling too I don’t have access to a computer so all my stories will be on phone and I don’t have the luxury as what being on a computer would do

Oh no! I actually like using my phone to write my story better only because it’s so much easier. I can direct my story right from there and tweak it but even the phone messes up sometimes. It was so frustrating when I transferred my story to my computer because a couple of the scenes got messed up so, I’m really hoping one day that they give the option to make more choices and better stories on the app.

I love it on my phone too people keep saying I should do it on a computer and it gets frustrating when I’ve mentioned it in my story a few times but if I did have a computer then it wouldn’t be on my phone, but for now this is what I have and I’m loving it

Well and people are going to read it regardless of how you create it, in my opinion because their looking for a eye-catching book covers, well written stories that get them hooked and whether or not it entertains them or not regardless of what device you use to write your story on.

that’s true I finally made a cover for mine I’m not sure if it’s eye catching though haha but I’ve had a few reads which made me happy

I’m still waiting for my cover to be reviewed so that’s not helping my story lol plus I only have two reads so that makes me nervous. I’ve been posting all over social media and I’m currently working on episode 4

do you need any art

I possibly may need a cover photo for the book do you have some ideas?

you can get some ideas here

Hey, can you please review my story? )))
Title: Fantastical: Mysterious Investigation
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I sure can! I’ll let you know after I read it!