New story feedback

hey, i was just wondering if it’s possible for people to read a story (when it’s a work in progress) before it’s published? i would be so grateful if someone can read mine. i can always read your’s in return and follow you! thank you <3

yes you just send them the link

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not that link. this one. it can only be open with the app

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sorry! here you go :slight_smile:

this is mine. i have just finished first chapter if you tell me what you think about it

you have done great work. a few grammer mistakes. and time placement but els. its pretty good made. it is mostly the sizes there are wrong with .the charters is often to big or small.

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love love love. please let me know when you publish it can you give me feedback on my story?

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can you give my story feedback?

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sure . can you look at mine too


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