New Story!< FEEL FREE to READ!

Hey, my name is Melrose and I’m not new to the whole Episode and creating stories. This would actually be my 6th attempt in making a story, but I really think this one might just work… I’ve been lacking inspiration, but finally I’ve come up with something, that I think others would love to read about. So anyways, I’m making this thread to sort of get pointers in general, the steps other authors had to take, the patience… what I’m going to expect, stuff like that. (I also make my own covers, overlays, banners…etc. IDK if I’m going to promote myself yet to create such things for other authors, but yeah, just had to put that out there)

Did you finish it or it’s just an idea for now ?

No not done. I still have plenty of editing left, than I might publish… but yeah

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