NEW STORY! Finding Farsafaca. R4R OPEN

This is my story. I’m open for 3x3 R4R WITH SCREENSHOTS. :slight_smile: (I can read around 18 chapters per day, so 6 3x3)
Finding Farsafaca
By @rogueangelwrites (Victori ROGUE)

Genre: Adventure/ Fantasy (Adventure on the app.)

Description 1 (Under 180):
In a place cursed by betrayal, the only option left is to find the land that exists only in legends…
Will you discover the truth?

Description 2
Armed with a map with no labels, an unclear past, and an untarnished search for the truth, you and three friends embark on a journey to land that… may not exist.

Additional Info:

  • Four LIs: 1 F and 1 M met in Chapter 1, 1 F and 1 M met in Chapter 3.
  • Choices Matter: 2 Point Systems (Excluding Romance)
  • Minigames
  • Limited CC (everything but eye color) until Chapter 3
    *Optional Art Scenes (Edited and Drawn)

Link to it:


Thank you so much for this thread💞

Title: Out of love

Author: @Ria.episode

Style: Limelight

Genre: Romance


When trying something different leads Amethyst into the arms of a stunning billionaire. Is it true love or is it just lies and deceit?

Story link:

Ig: ria.episode_

Hey, I would love to do a R4R! :blush: You can dm me on IG if you want @annaw.stories :white_heart:

Title: R&R: Cloaked Lust
Author: @annaw.stories
Genre: Fantasy (with Romance ofc :kissing_closed_eyes:)
Chapters: 3
Description: The human realm is dangerous, but your sister’s life is on the line. Can the hot doctor you meet save her or will your risk not reap reward? [CC, F/M LI]
What can you expect?:

  • CC for the male and female LI and the MC
  • Advanced directing with overlays, zooms and mini games, several point systems
  • No important gem choices, there are only optional gem choices, that will not limit your reader experience, e.g. buying points, skipping mini games and supporting the author
  • New episodes will be released after Episode announces the winners, but no matter what, the story will be continued and finished! :white_heart:


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I already have you on my R4R list :slight_smile:

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this is a sentence

Hi babe, thanks for a topic and I’d like to do r4r with our contest stories :black_heart:

This all details from me:

Release Date: 18th March🐍 (I’ll publish reeeeally soon, but we can read after deadline ofc!)
Story title: R&R: 𝗕𝗟𝗔𝗖𝗞 𝗠𝗔𝗠𝗕𝗔
Author: miwrites.epi
You can find any sneak peaks and info on my instagram: @miwrites.epi

Genre: Drama/Romance

Description: After his death, she took a risk and changed her whole life to be part of his lifestyle. She wants revenge, but unfortunately she’s chasing ghosts.


Nerissa never wanted this lifestyle. She had everything: perfect life, plans, boyfriend. But one day she lost everything. Loss could change anyone, so she risked her whole life just to find her fiancé killers, to avenge his death. And now 5 years later she’s fearless, she’s powerful but she still doesn’t have peace in soul.
What if she never find answers? What if her life was always a biggest lie? What she’ll do if someone close betray her?

Chapters: 1-5 for start!
Maybe 30 total, we’ll see.

CC: Limited
Choices: :white_check_mark:
LI: Male - 1 or 2 (depends) :sunglasses:
Style: LL
MC: Female
Sounds&Music: :white_check_mark:
Directing: Advance

Edit: Link to my story:

Yes please🤗

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Thank you for this! I think I already have you on my insta reading list, but just to make sure I post it here as well.
R&R: Victim 269
Author: @emma.writes.episode
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 3
Description: Your master betrayed your trust and misused your loyalty. Thrown in the enemy’s hands, will you fulfil your role as a vigilante for justice or will darkness get you in its grip?

I’ll add you to my R4R list!

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Okay! I’ll add you

Thank you! You can DM me on insta or here if you like :black_heart:

Yep, I already have you as a R4R.

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Thank you💖

3x3? I can pm you the screenshots when I’m done :slight_smile:

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Perfect…I’ll do the same✨

Hello :wave::two_hearts:

Title : R&R : My Strange Magical Dream
Genre : Fantasy
Style : LL
Chapters : 3 and more coming
Description : Every night, you have this strange yet magical dream with this mysterious person that appears in it. Would you be able to find out who was the person and the meaning of your dream?

My Instagram : Anasfa.EpisodeStory
Storylink :


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Heya, EpisodeAnon27 here!

I joined the Risk and Reward Contest this year and hopefully, you’d give my story a chance for your reading list. I made all of the art scenes including the cover with advance directing. Here are the details below! T w T

And yes I am open for R4R too!

Title: R&R: The Marionette
Art & Written by: EpisodeAnon27
Genre: Mystery, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Instagram Account: @episodeanon27

Story Description: Died with the missing memories for what happened, a Seer gave a deal you can’t decline for a second life. Will the outcome worth the risk when it comes to your shattered trust?

Story Link:

Limelight, Choices Matters, Female & Male Love Interest, Female MC, Art Scenes included!

Hello :wave:,

I will love to do a R4R, I will send you my opinion and SS of your story when I’ll finish it :blush:

I am up for a R4R since I am still under 100 reads.

Current cover


Cover I will add once the winners are announced

Title - R&R: Till Death Do Us Part
Author - Baked Potato
Genre - Romance
Chapters - 3 (More coming soon)
Plot - (Description) Family is everything to you and that’s why you are sacrificing your whole life to save your sister by getting married to a famous actor. Will it be a movie worthy romance?
Extras - Full CC for MC/LI, M/F LI, M/F MC, Plus size choice, choices (can result in points)