FUTURE MY LOVE :crescent_moon:

≈I’m back this this amazing story I once made for the Missed Connections contest. I’ve to admit that it has been a while so, to fresh up your mind I’ll explain the story.

≈Story description: Stuck in 2150 Sarah didn’t expect to find love in a world where humans don’t exist. Will she ever find the Android that saved her life?

There are a few things that are very important to know, it will be explained throughout the story. So for people who already read it, I suggest that they re-read since I changed a few things such as the intro & outro :slight_smile:

¥ Androids are based on ranks, Silver, Bronze & Gold.
¥ There is a mini-game in episode 5, you’ll play as an Golden Tiara Android! It looks exactly like a video game😝

Let me know your thoughts!!