New Story: Gone Viral

I can’t believe I’m attempting to promote my story, but here I am. This story was just released today!
Please note that I may or may not do a R4R - I’m quite picky about stories. :sweat_smile:
All feedback is welcome! <3
-Title: Gone Viral .
-Style: Limelight.
-CC: Yes!
-Genre: Mystery/drama with a romantic subplot.
-Story description: _ “After the disappearance of viral pop sensation Juliet Nakamura, all eyes are on Raegan. Only Oliver believes that she’s innocent. Can Raegan prove she’s not to blame?” _
Chapters: 3 (so far).



That cover is so prettyy holyyy I’ll def check it out x :revolving_hearts:

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The cover is so beautiful it makes me jealous


@BlueMoonWolf @Golden_Skin_Girl it was created by my lovely friend @/cj.creates__ on Instagram! Go check her out. Her talent is INSANE! :heart:


This story is amazing!! You all need to go check it out :blush:

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Bumping this!
If you read my story, let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: