NEW STORY HELP: Mini-Stories for Anthology Story To Be Titled "In Real Life"



(tbh I won’t be mad if nobody pays attention to this)

hi! my name is aries, and i’m not new to the episode community, but I’ve had so many story ideas that I don’t actually follow through with that I’ve actually considered quitting lol. HOWEVER, I just recently got an idea for a type of story that I haven’t seen someone create on episode yet: an anthology story. yes, I know that someone has probably already made an anthology story, but I thought that I would make one because why not. but, I need your help! as the title of this topic says, I need some people to submit ideas for mini-stories for the project. every episode will introduce a new storyline, with some lasting two or even three episodes long. in the meantime, I will use some of my original ideas for In Real Life, but if anyone is interested in submitting ideas, then here are the guidelines:

-Story must be about real issues that affect people today (ex. mental illness, hate [racism, homophobia, etc.], abuse, etc.)
-Story must be set in one of the following settings:
-seventh or eighth grade
-high school
-adulthood (early 20’s-early 30’s)
-Story can be fictional or based on things you have actually experienced
-As always, story must follow community guidelines

that’s, about it for now. i hope that i get some requests for this, as this is something I’ve always wanted to do, so if you participate, thank you <3

EDIT: if this is in the wrong category then please let me know


adult hood is best nobody ever does it


yeah i know, it’s not only teenagers who go through this stuff


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Hey wsup I got here from your brockhampton thread but I’m completely down to joining + promoting this idea since I think it’s cool, idk if I should dump some of my ideas for this on here but it would be sick if all the stories turned out to be related in the end and they all joined together, or if it could be sort of a like a non-official contest thing like the ones episode hosts- these sort of swerve away from the whole “anthology” idea though so it’s chill if you don’t use these. How many stories are you excepting? I could write multiple since I have a TON of ideas that aren’t long enough to merit their own stories but are perfect for this kind of thing.


I was actually thinking about doing something similar to a contest lol. I haven’t decided how many stories I want in this story yet so I guess i’ll keep working on it until I can’t find time for it anymore


I wouldn’t mind giving it a promo or two on my insta!


that’d be great :slight_smile: