New Story! Hollow Roots ๐Ÿด

New story alert!
The first 4 episodes of my new Rom-Com Hollow Roots are out now!

:orange_heart: Title and Link :heartpulse: Hollow Roots by Darcie.Episode
:orange_heart: Description :heartpulse: City girl Addison is uprooted to the country for the summer. Faced with her past, small town rumors, and romance, will 90 days in Kentucky really be so bad? โ€ฆ Probably.
:orange_heart: Genre :heartpulse: Comedy (rom-com)
Happy reading! :orange_heart: :heartpulse:


Ooooh this looks really interesting! Iโ€™m definitely gonna give your story a read :grin:

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:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:thank you! I would love for you to read it!

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Yeah of course!! Iโ€™m a sucker for rom-coms and I looove the plot haha. It should be a fun read!

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Episode 4 is live! :orange_heart: