New story! (I can do reads for reads)

Hey guys, I’m Stephania.
Few days ago I posted my first story.
I would be really grateful if you will go and read it.
And I’m up to do a read for a read!

Title: The daughter of the rich
Genre: Romance
Style : Ink
Description: Emma lives her happy life with her dad, step mum and 2 step brothers. But what will happen when her mother will show up after 15 years and will make a deal with her dad?
Instagram: @stephania_episode (feel free to follow me and DM me for r4rs)



Title: A Touch Of Winter

Author: Aliceproductions.

Genre: Romance/fantasy.

Chapters: 9 (complete.)



Description: Christine lost her true love when he was drafted to Vietnam in the 1960’s. What will happen when she wakes up as a teenager again?

Hi, I’m up for a read for read! :sparkling_heart:
Instagram: ellec.writes
Title: Dying Love
Genre: Romance/Drama
Brief Description: I loved you the moment I laid eyes on you. …But as they say, all good things must come to an end. Art scenes inside.

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I’m down for a r4r :slight_smile:

Here are the details:
Title: Love The Adrenaline
Number of chapters: 3
Genre: Love/Drama ( I know this doesn’t exist in categories but the story has both)
Author: Daniela
Describtion: Nicole is a strong, independent girl and she likes the extreme, but behind these things, Nicole suffered a loss,but her life gets more interesting when Blake shows up
The Link:
Small and Large cover



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Hey guys! If you’re looking for a good romance/comedy/mystery to read with lots of surprising twists and turns, then you should check out my story Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane! It’s pretty good in my opinion and I’m sure you wont be disappointed!!
Title: Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane
Author: Marshmallow O.
Genre: Mystery, Romance, Comedy
Summary: Time is running out as you and your friends try to escape the mysterious sleepover that you were invited to… Read to uncover the Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane.
Chapters: 3 (So far)
Style: Limelight

Make your own Characters!

Shortened Link:
Thank you so much for reading!

Would you like to do an R4R? :smile:

Title: Wounded Souls
Author: SarahLuv
Genre: Thriller, Romance, Drama
Style: INK
Episodes: 8 (more coming soon)
Instagram: epi.sarahluv
Description: Shanelle has dealt with her deranged father all her life. With the help of Rowan, a guy she meets by chance. Will she be able to survive the wrath of her father’s demented games?
Story Link:


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I would be interested in a read for read if you’re interested :heart:
Story: Sorry, Wrong Number
Summary: “And that’s how we’ll get rid of the body. Sorry, wrong number.”
When a text is sent to the wrong person, it leads to a race against time to prevent a murder. TEXT BASED

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Hi :heart:
I’d be interested in doing a r4r!

My Story Info:
Title: Matched
Genre: Drama/Romance/Comedy
Description: Jade Lyons is the girl guys fall for, but she never falls for them. Things change when she moves back to her hometown and meets Mr. Popular, Caden Skylar. Has Jade met her match?
Episodes: 12 (and on going)


If you’re interested in doing a r4r, reply to this post/PM me and let me know how many chapters you want to do of each!!

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Sure :wink:

I have no problem to read all your chapters. :blush:

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Sure, the story sounds interesting. :wink:

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Me too. :wink:

Me too. :blush:

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Okay, I will read all of yours too! I’ll send a screenshot when I finish :slight_smile:

Finished your story. Here’s proof

Hey I’m down for a R4R :slight_smile:

Story: Twisted Fate
Style: Ink
Episodes: 4 (more coming soon!)

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Twisted Fate

Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!


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Hi, me too. :blush:

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Thank you! I will start yours when I will have free time. :wink:


Okay, I’m back…should I pm you?