New Story Idea ALERT

So I’ve recently been (attempting) to write a story for Episode.

Here it is

So Cordelia/Delia lives in a society where everyone is forced to be perfect. (In other words, very plastic, basic, and overall fake) But all of this changes when her nightmares keep getting worse. She keeps dreaming of 2 girls who look like her, and the 3 of them creating the mass destruction of the universe. The problem is, is that soon she realizes that her reality is slowly diminishing to those of her dreams. It suddenly gets worse when she wakes up and sees the same two girls from her dreams standing over her bed… almost stalking her.
The three girls accidentally create the end of their universe and will possibly create a newer version of their old one.

So yeah, that’s it… please let me know if you have any suggestions, and if you would consider reading :blush:


This sounds really creative. I’d definitely read.

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I like that idea!

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Seems interesting :eyes:

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Would definitely read, it has my attention :slightly_smiling_face:

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