New Story Idea Experiments: Queen of Crimes

After writing out for reboot, I figure that I need to try out the new experiment through the spotlight. No animation intended I want to test out the writing skills after viewing some opinions of it. The original story idea designed for animation, but I find it too difficult to do so and probably waste too much time for other work. So putting it spotlight perhaps for the best. The reason why I said that because the new story will be more focus on something different than what I used to write since Episode is out in the first place.
New Story: Queen of Crimes (series)
The story series takes place in the world of mobsters, no trend intended, focus on the protagonist’s struggle of her life from a small-time gang leader to the ruler of the underworld. Without politicians and lawyers, the criminals run free in the brink of chaos, leading the story of the protagonist, Wanda.

  • Characters idea:
    I tried a different approach before, but there is something that caught me interested the most. While creating Wanda as the protagonist, I also need to make her struggle her mental health through the antisocial personality disorder reside her, ultimately create the massive difference between psychopath, which commonly mistaken her, and sociopath, which is the main characteristic for Wanda.

  • Spotlight
    The spotlight format will be a focus on narrative story over cinematic. After reading through stories from Choices app and taking scriptwriting lessons as part of uni class. I realise that sometimes, story writing could be more important than flashy cinematic (just saying cause I used that too), except it’s difficult if people had hardly visualised through words even if the words could paint the picture over the animation process.

So this is my story idea, let me know what you think, and please don’t tell me if spotlight can be trusted/beneficial or not. I want to test things out in my experiments.


The idea is amazing!

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