New Story Idea Opinion!

Hello :smiley: I really want to start a side story and I have this idea that I don’t know if I should pursue it or if it isn’t that good.

– Just decided I’ll do it and since I was reminded someone could steal the idea there’s nothing else to add ^^
(I deleted the idea part, you can close or delete this thread)

Sooo that’s the main idea, it’s still raw and all, but that would be pretty much the first chapter. I really want to know your honest opinion!

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That is soooo cool!! But I wouldn’t put it on a public post, just because some people can steal your idea :thinking: But I would definitely read that story!

Oh thank you ! I didn’t even think about it :cold_sweat:

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if you need any art go here

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Side story ? From which story? Sounds interesting. Strongly encourage u to do it.