New story idea [opinion]

so, I’m thinking about starting a new story called dating lucifer himself or the devil himself no a 100 on the name but somewhere along that line anyway it’s gonna be along the lines of one night the mc was escaping her mother’s kidnaper/killer then ended up in the arms of the devil himself he’s moody snappy and groovy and has a mindset of a killer and is known as the underworld leader but it all changes when he starts to have feelings for the angel aka the mc they all have power btw just wondering if this would have people interested in reading it and what I should add ty


I Love your story idea ! I’m already interested in it lol. I have a question is her mother’s kidnapper gonna make an appearance in the future episodes ? if so that I would be good to add.

ofc they will, oop my tea spilled :wink:

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Don’t worry, the tea spilled in my cup :joy:.

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lol vibing rn lol

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heres a sneak peek of the cover

and if you like my work and wants some for your story or just to have I have a shop here’s that link

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