New story idea should I write it or not?

Ok, so here it goes:

Note: This is NOT episode ok length. But it is a rough outline of a plot.

Title: Died Memories

Mareena Silvers was delared died 2 weeks ago from today. Her family decided that they were going to cremate her today. But when the cremator goes to cremate her, they learn she is Alive not died.

Extra Info:
She doesn’t remeber anyone, not their voices, face, feet, or smell. The only thing she can remember is people’s clothes.
Her friends?
She doesn’t remember them
Her parents?
She doesnt remember them.

It feels like she is simply drowing. Swallowed up by anything and everything.
Her memories?

  • I like it!
  • Eh…
  • Needs a lot of work
  • I want to read it when it is published
  • I love it!

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Ok! Everyone that voted “I like it!” @lanafrazer_episode @The_Saminator @amberose @Amagic @Writer_SA what can I improve on with the plot?


Not what you can do to improve the plot, but more of what the story should include.


Mareena was pronounced dead 2 weeks ago, and her family decided on cremating her body, however during her cremation her family discovered that she was alive.

hm…I agree with @AMagic as well.


What do you mean? Like what?

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Are you gonna have good music?
Are you gonna have Red Herrings?
Is she gonna fall in love?
Is her mind space feeling like she is drowning inside?

Have you thought about this?

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Ok! Thanks!

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That’s so cool!! Gives chills :heart_eyes:

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Aw thank you Luna!!! :blush:

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Sounds cool! :two_hearts:

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