New Story Idea - What are some tropes you hate in a story?

I have a new story idea and it’s an “Enemies to Lovers” trope

Genre: Drama

I’m coming up with the plot of the story and I would like some feedback on some typical and cliche tropes that you hate in a story with this Enemies to Lovers trope. With this story idea I don’t want to promote toxic relationships.

For example, the LI is an asshole to the MC “BuT OnlY BecAuSe He’S iN LovE WiTh HeR aNd ShE CaN ChAngE hIs WayS :pleading_face: :roll_eyes:

I want it to be on a good note and have the storyline not promoting chasing after bad boys or toxic relationships, but want it to be an exception story where the LI truly changes and actually has a healthy relationship in the end.

So please, what’s some things I Shouldn’t put in, in regards to them falling in love?

  • I think they should be enemies for a genuine reason; like I’ve always disliked that they’re only against each other because of their families/someone else (like romeo and juilet’s families)

  • I forgot my other bullet point T^T

  • Another thing (an idea; dunno if you already have one for this) but for the change thing it could be they ended up in a situation where they have to work together or pretend to like each other and as the LI spends time with the MC, they slowly develop feelings for the MC

One thing many authors get wrong about relationships is using miscommunication and misunderstandings as plot devices. If you put your characters into a situation that tests their trust and concern for each other, please show them communicate, or at least show them making the effort to. Healthy relationships are built on trust and communication.

If you choose to include a toxic relationship, make it clear that that toxic relationship is harmful.

Some stories that dp enemies to lovers justice are ‘Bad Influence’ by Yves and ‘Along The Shorelines’ by Alphan (Margie B.)

I hope this helps! : )

Edit: If you’re writing enemies to lovers, be careful to avoid making any male LIs misogynistic. A lot of authors do this unintentionally.


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