New story idea?!

I want to do a story about vampires but don’t know how to start off
I got a general idea but still need inspiration
I am still doing a story called mars but kinda wanna get this idea outta my head before it drives me crazy or I forget and that will drive me more crazy lol
soooooo I need some help
any takers?

If you want to write a story about vampires, think about the main character first, plenty of stories include the main character finding out her/his ability. To begin with, you need to find situations where her/his power suddenly set off, and she suddenly finds out her ability.

How would she find out her ability?
Well, you could say that this particular vampire is a girl with particularly no motivation in life, and really doesn’t see the point of living. Then suddenly, she discovers that she is a holder of an important power, and things change for her greatly. She is left alone, and not much people care about her.

If you’re doing some supernatural story, special effects and interesting scenes will be essential otherwise.
People love when powers get set off to action, and especially when the power makes a huge difference. Plot twists are also needed to keep it interesting as the readers get bored easily. Fireballs are pretty common on episode, but something more interesting could get readers intrigued.

Love interests could be not what they seem
Most of the time, I see stories about love interests seem like bad people but are actually good people, there aren’t much about love interest actually being bad people and spying on the MC, so that could be a special twist.

Mystery and Love
A mystery is a very popular category on Episode like “Who’s the murder?”. Those are pretty common ones. They normally blame background characters for the murder. So what if in this case, its the main character (the protagonist) who’s actually the murder? I read some stories about protagonists being murders, they were quite a shock for me That’s some plot twist. There can be some explanation for why is she the murderer.


Sounds good
Thank u
But the main character girl is not a vampire but surrounded by 6 vampire love interests