New Story! Interactive Mystery (r4r welcome)

Check out my first ever story - if you like interactivity and mini games, def check it out!

Title - Squad: Escape or Die
Author - Lin
Genre - Mystery
Description - 5 high school classmates of 10 years prior reunite, only to find themselves trapped together in a mysterious red room and a threat on their lives.
Features - CC, Choices Matter, Point System, Mini Games focus

If you do read, I would love to receive constructive criticism and feedback, especially if you find any bugs in my mini games!


If you are up for R4R, I would be honoured to read as I’m also entering the Squad comp. hopefully publishing tomorrow.


Hey, great story, but there’s a problem with episode two. I can’t tap the Apple because the bow and arrow png is covering it. I know that you’re supposed to tap it at the right time, but even that doesn’t work. I think the png takes up too much of the screen.

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could we do a read for read?

could me and you do a read for read?

could you and I do a read for read?

Are you interested in a R4R? :relaxed:


I’m interested I’ll be publishing my Squad once I’ve finished checking the grammar hopefully on the 26th if you have insta drop me your link @tea.dias

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I don’t have insta :frowning:

I’m interested in R4R (if you have Instagram) can you drop your story to @tea.dias it’s easier for me to find as I get lost I’m not really an avid forum user.

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Just texted you

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Fixed! Hopefully.

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I am obsessed, this story is so good. The mini games are so fun, the characters are great and the mystery has me dying for more. :heart_eyes:

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Thank you! That means a lot to me, as a new writer. Please continue reading and bear with me and my bugs haha - I’m trying to fix them quickly but it’s easy to miss things with all the choices and labels to keep track of. xxx


Hey, are you still up for a 3 chapter r4r?

Still up for it? 3 chapters min?

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what is ur book called again?

It’s at the top of the thread! Send me your story link and I’ll pm ss when I can!

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