NEW STORY (#JINX-ED) I have published my FIRST STORY!

Hey I published my FIRST story :smile: ! Happy, but scared… Will you like it? Will you hate it? I hope you’ll like it and that you enjoy reading. There’s only three chapters, but more will come soon. And also the story might contains some errors with the spelling and others errors, because I’m still learning English and I’m still learning how to write a story. The story title is #JINX-ED (with the hashtag). Really hope you’ll like it :hugs: #mustread #announcements

  • MK! :fr: :cameroon:
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Would you like to exchange reads with me?

What do you mean?

There is this thing called read for read. Meaning you read someone’s story (usually 3 chapters) then they read yours.

Okay, what’s your story title?

Its called A Divine Tale
Here is the link:

Lets each read 3 chapters.

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Mine is called #JINX-ED (with the hashtag)

Can’t wait to read it :smile:

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I will read yours right now

So i just finished your first chapter i will read the rest tomorrow since its very late where i am at.
I’ve added it to my list so i wont forget to read it. :slight_smile:

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