New Story! Just in Time for Halloween! ONLY 1st two chapters! Need Feedback!



PLEASE READ!!.. It’s only the first 2 chapters but I would like to know what people think! Halloween Special :jack_o_lantern::fallen_leaf::maple_leaf: Story will be at least 5-10 episodes long! Thanks :grin:

NEW Halloween Story!
I’ll read your Limelight story
NEW Halloween Story!

I’ll try it when I get time.


Thank you!!! I really appreciate that! It’s my best story yet and I’m really proud of it! :grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::jack_o_lantern::fallen_leaf::spider_web::spider:


Sooooooo, I said I like it,like it !!! But dayummmm gurl, reading your story , late at night, with lights out, and a ghost appears infront of me, I’m bout to catch a heartattack. Love it, tryna make my phone battery push through. I like the plot , started chap 2, when I first saw Landon I laughed at his outfit :joy::joy:

The young prince be fine , lmfao , anyways nice story can’t wait for a charged phone and more tickets .


I seriously need to check it out, I love Halloween and I love stories about that wicked awesome holiday :skull::jack_o_lantern:


:joy::joy: well thank you! I was trying to actually make some scenes kinda scary without the characters since they reactions don’t always help a scene out! Lol and I’m glad you like my characters it’s my first story I decided against the customization! And that scene with that ghost even scares me when I proofread it lmao! I’m really glad you enjoyed it chapter 3 should be out soon I’m trying to get it done ASAP! Thank you SOO much for reading it!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


:kissing_heart:Yes please!!! I would love that so much! I wanted to try a new original idea and Halloween is also my favorite plus it seems like most stories on episodes are essentially the same either they are romantic stories or pregnancy stories lol I wanted to be different! I hope you do read it it would mean so much!


As a fellow author in the making, I hope we both make lovely stories that people actually love and can’t wait for more. As a teen I’m busy with school,homework etc, but I’ll try my best to finish your story :blush::blush:


Thank you! I’m still learning myself lol this is actually only my 3rd published story lol (my first was in classic but I discontinued lol) have you published anything? I’d love to show you some support too!


When I was finishing chapter 2, I literally thought that it was , one of those recommended , top notch stories. The quality is good enough to be a top notch story.

Here’s my link :
I hope you enjoy, there are mistakes (placement, spelling, zooms etc ) and I’m trying to finish chapter 4.
First 3 chapters are extremely short, that’s why I plan on making chapter 4 and so on worth the tickets with 1500 lines and more.


I really don’t like classic, I prefer ink, but limelight suits me also.


Thank you sooo sooo much! That truly means a lot to me!! I’ve come such a looonnnggg way!! Haha and for you to say that could be ranked among the top notch stories makes me feel like I’ve actually accomplished something!! :open_mouth::heart_eyes::pray:t2::smile: I’m excited to read yours! :grin:


It really is worthy to be top notched.


I just read your story! It was cute! I really want Javy to work things out!! :sob::pray:t2:

and thank you so much! Hopefully other people will think that too!:smile:


Ikr, like even after those years, her love still lingers, guess love actually never dies .


The heart wants what the heart wants! Trust and believe that I speak from experience :sob: lol


The emoji is crying yet your laughing lol.


Yea it’s a complicated relationship that I ended but I still miss him even though I did the right thing… sigh :confused:


It was for the better, just keep writing for me to read, lol, I sound bossy . :joy::joy::joy:


haha I promise I’d like for it to be fully released by Halloween but hopefully all goes as planned… but life has a way my messing that up! lol 3 will be released soon! That I can promise! ::raised_hands:t2::joy::grin: