New Story! Just in Time for Halloween! ONLY 1st two chapters! Need Feedback!



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Hey, checked out your spook-tastic story! :ghost::sparkling_heart:

Couldn’t resist to read since it’s about Halloween and I seriously love those stories A LOT :jack_o_lantern::heartpulse:

It’s super amazing, keep it up! I’m looking forward to more XOXO :purple_heart::purple_heart:


Ugh!! Thank you sooo much!!! Chapter 3 should be out very soon!! Then I will continue with 2 new chapters but I appreciate the read very happy you enjoyed it! :jack_o_lantern::spider_web::spider::fallen_leaf::ghost:




No problem :wink:

Good luck with your story! :sparkling_heart:

I’ve added it to my favs and I will continue to stay updated :smile: :jack_o_lantern: :purple_heart:


You’re the best!! Thank you so much!!:jack_o_lantern::ghost::heart_eyes:


I’m not the best but thanks :sweat_smile::jack_o_lantern::sparkling_heart:

Happy Early Halloween :ghost::jack_o_lantern::purple_heart::purple_heart::black_heart:


You too! I hope to have the 3rd chapter out by next weekend I’m just need to finish a few more scenes and editing :smiley:


Bookmarking so I can check it out soon :sparkling_heart::heartbeat:


Awesome thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Only a few more minor edits and chapter 3 should be live tonight! :heart_eyes::smiley::ghost::spider::spider_web::jack_o_lantern::fallen_leaf:

THANK YOU ALL FOR THE READS! I’m so grateful to all those who took the time out to read my story and I hope you enjoy the next chapter!


Yes, excited for episode 3 :heart_eyes::face_with_monocle::jack_o_lantern::tada::orange_heart:


Happy October!! :joy::jack_o_lantern::spider_web::ghost:


Everything is written down now just proofreading and adding effects! I hope to have this live within the next 30mins if all goes well! Stay Tuned! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::grin::+1:t2::maple_leaf::fallen_leaf::jack_o_lantern::spider_web::spider::ghost:


:confused: Sorry the editing took longer then expected new chapter will be posted tomorrow! Sorry for the delay :sob::woman_facepalming:t2:


Chapter 3 is LIVE!!! Please let me know if you notice any errors so I can fix! I’m getting new cable so I won’t be able to update as quickly as I’d like this week.:unamused: but I promise to have something out soon! I hope you guys enjoy it! :spider::spider_web::jack_o_lantern::maple_leaf::fallen_leaf::ghost:


I loved it :heart_eyes::orange_heart:

It’s for sure one of my favs on the app :smile:

P.S I noticed your story title says "Mischief Night {Don’t read 3} "

Maybe remove the “don’t read 3” part otherwise some people won’t read :rofl:

Overall, episode 3 was wicked awesome, it had me on the edge, wanting more :smirk:

Looking forward to reading your spooky, lovely story to the end <3


:joy: I did remove the don’t read :joy: I thought it was removed when I first published:roll_eyes: but thank you! I’m already planning out the next episode and I think I might do a spin-off once this story is complete!:grin: :+1:t2: do you have a favorite character yet, or do you have a favorite part about it? Lol I’m just curious what you liked about it :grin::vampire:t2::ghost::jack_o_lantern::spider_web:


I PMed you my thoughts on your amazing story :wink:

And yes, please do a spin-off! PLEASE! :smirk::orange_heart::jack_o_lantern:


Starting Chapter 4! Stay tuned my delightfully ghoulish friends! :ghost::jack_o_lantern::maple_leaf::fallen_leaf::spider_web::spider::smiling_imp::skull: