New Story looking for feedbacks :) Never Again...based on a true experience

Hi lovely Readers,

I wrote my first story and I really would like to read your feedbacks. The story is based on a true experience and I hope you will find it interesting. Let me know and have fun :slight_smile:

Description: You need to find a dance partner for your prom. When you success that you haven’t thought about the consequences. How it effects in your life. Will you reach that level when you have to say Never Again? Based on true experience.
“He liked, loved and hurt her but there is a level when you say Never Again!”

Title: Never Again
Author: Martina (@tales.from.wonderland)
Story Style: Episode INK
Genre: Drama/Romance

Episodes: 6 (more coming soon)
Search key words: drama, school, prom, love, dance, romance, badboy, hot, sexy, highschool, teen, meangirls, cc, customization

  • character customization
  • mature theme
  • strong language
  • major choices
  • “song of the day” game :slight_smile:
  • unique and true story :slight_smile:
  • Love story with drama
  • Welcomed feedback (post in fanmail or instagram please)

Cover :

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