NEW STORY! Magicka: The Ten!

Finally, after months of hard work, my MAGICKA contest entry is out!! :scream: :partying_face:
I present to you… Magicka: The Ten!

Description: “You start to lose hope of ever discovering magic exists. What you don’t know, is that the closest people to you are the ones keeping you in the dark.”

Synopsis (contains slight spoilers): An opposite to the “main character has powers they have to hide from the world” trope. The main character wishes to discover magic in the world more than anything, not knowing that their best friend, Reagan, has powers and was hiding them on purpose all along. Reagan’s plans start to fall apart when a guy named Jasper, who also has powers, crosses paths with the MC. Is Jasper gonna reveal the truth to MC? Why is Reagan even hiding them in the first place?

Why should I read it?

  • Advanced directing
  • 4 episodes in total, 3 are published now and the finale will be published in 2-3 weeks. Everything’s ready, though! It won’t be discontinued!
  • Magic spells and fight scenes.
  • Choose your name and a nickname for your friends to use! (optional)
  • Customize yourself and your love interests!
  • Choose gender AND body type (4 options!)
  • Choose a pronoun regardless of gender! Wanna play with a female body type and be referred to as “he”? It’s possible here! 4 different pronoun options!
  • 2 love interests (male & female)!
  • Choices matter! There are different endings! one of them is really sad LOL

If you’re still unconvinced, here’s the trailer for the story!

So if that sounds like your cup of tea, make sure to check it out! ^.^

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