New story "Modern Family"

Hey! So I’m working on a story called ‘Modern Family’ and I was wondering if when I publish it anyone would read it for me and give me some feedback? It’s a romantic comedy! (and even some drama :wink:) If anyone could that would be amazing! If you follow my instagram @KatieR.Edits I’ll post when it’s published! (I’ll also post on here!)
Thanks in advance x

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I’ll read it! (Love the show if it is based off it)

It’s not based of the show so I don’t get copyrighted :frowning: (But I agree! I love the show too!) Thanks so much!


there are many story with same names, so i guess as far as story has different plot and different story all together then i dont think it should be a problem. but if you could change the name of the story to something unique it will attract more people. same name causes confusion. and as for getting reads and all, when you publish it, give it for reveiws it will help. i do reveiws so i can help with that if you want.

is it published yet? I still have one I just started the other day for someone but I would love to read your also :slight_smile:

@Teahwalker of course it will not be based off the show since that would go against episode guidelines but it’s nice to show concern about the author and their upcoming story (I’m sure they already know that but it’s always nice to give a warning) and @ShortSpaces there could end up being many stories with the same title (hey, it happens, after all the English language is limited right?:joy: ) Just because a story has the same title, doesn’t mean it’s the exact same in everything lol. Anyway, @KatieR.Writes , good luck with your story beautiful!


The was just mentioning the possibilities…

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Thanks so much!

No it’s not but I’ll make sure to tell you when it is! :blush:

I’ll definitely come to you for a review then!! :slight_smile:

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Oh well! If people accuse me of anything I’ll, tell them the truth “I’m obsessed with the TV series and loved the name, so I chose it for my story!” :joy: Thanks for your concern though! What’s the plot though… I’ve never read the story so I want to make sure it’s not the same… :thinking:

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I will be more than happy to review your story…:grinning: