New story needs cover art

Is there anyone who would like to design a cover for the new story I’m doing?

Of course you’d be featured every time the cover is shown and I can even add an instagram tag so people know where to find you and your art :blush:


Outspoken, pink-haired vigilante, Erica Marks, has been on the FBI’s radar for quite some time.
Dean Rivers, the executive assistant director, has made several attempts to question Erica in hopes of having her help in catching a real criminal.
Someone by the name of “Agape” has been conducting human trafficking for the last several months. They have kidnapped several women and the numbers only seem to be growing.
After running from the law for so long, following her own rules of justice, could this be Erica’s chance at a clean slate?
And is she really willing to let someone like Dean call the shots?

Here is a picture of Erica.
Make her look like a bad-ass :wink:
And have fun with it! lol

hey girl I could do it if you want???

do you have any work i can see of yours just to see if it fits the style i’m aiming for?

I only edit for ll